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Re: dhcpcd procedure

Dpk <dpk@egr.msu.edu> wrote:
> What would be the best way to check for this?  A simple 'ps |grep
> dhcpcd' ? Would doing so make my package dependent on procps?  or is
> there a convenient way to check the installed version of dhcpcd
> someway?

Check $2

                          Debian Packaging Manual

6.2. Summary of ways maintainer scripts are called

        * <new-preinst> `install'
        * <new-preinst> `install' <old-version>
        * <new-preinst> `upgrade' <old-version>
        * <old-preinst> `abort-upgrade' <new-version>

        * <postinst> `configure' <most-recently-configured-version>
        * <old-postinst> `abort-upgrade' <new version>
        * <conflictor's-postinst> `abort-remove' `in-favour' <package>
        * <deconfigured's-postinst> `abort-deconfigure' `in-favour'
          <failed-install-package> <version> `removing'
          <conflicting-package> <version>

        * <prerm> `remove'
        * <old-prerm> `upgrade' <new-version>
        * <new-prerm> `failed-upgrade' <old-version>
        * <conflictor's-prerm> `remove' `in-favour' <package> <new-version>
        * <deconfigured's-prerm> `deconfigure' `in-favour'
          <package-being-installed> <version> `removing'
          <conflicting-package> <version>

        * <postrm> `remove'
        * <postrm> `purge'
        * <old-postrm> `upgrade' <new-version>
        * <new-postrm> `failed-upgrade' <old-version>
        * <new-postrm> `abort-install'
        * <new-postrm> `abort-install' <old-version>
        * <new-postrm> `abort-upgrade' <old-version>
        * <disappearer's-postrm> `disappear' <r>overwrit>r> <new-version>

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