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Corel changes BTA?


I have seen on IRC a link to the changed BTA by Corel (I lost the link,
hough). Someone who received this please verifies the correctness of this
information, as I do not participate in the beta test and don't know if
this is real (although it looks real).

A quick check shows the following relevant changes. They seem to solve the
solution pretty good know. Are there any more issues we should be concerned

I applaud Corel to not only clarify, but also put a clarification on paper.
I also ask people not to send angry letters to Corel, but further try the
way of negotiation and discussion, if there are still problems to be found.

Regardless of intentions, this is a big success, because we could one more
time defend the spirit of Free Software by social means (as opposed to legal
force). I want to thank everyone who was involved (especially Bruce Perens).

5. Use of Product:

(i) The use of each component of the Product shall be governed by the terms
and conditions of the applicable software license agreement that accompanies
such component. For example, your use of components which are licensed under
the GNU General Public License ("GPL") is governed by the terms of the GPL.

(ii) Notwithstanding the foregoing, those portions of the Product identified
as being developed independently by Corel, including without limitation the
files listed on the attached Schedule "A" ("Corel Softwware") , may be used
bby Users solely during the Term and solely at the User Location for the
purpose of evaluating the Products for the benefit of Corel. User may not
reproduce and distribute copies of the Corel Software to any other person.

[ About Schedule A: This is a list with about 30 program names, that goes
like "Corel Explorer", "hardreboot", "etcdev", "setup" etc. Most of them
sound like small utilities that may very well be developed independently by
Corel. However, some of them have a k*, like kchangepwd. They probably link
to KDE libraries, I don't know which license those have. Considering that
their license may be LGPL or more free, and considering the opinions of KDE
developers, I don't think that Corel is on thin ice here).]


11. Intellectual Property Rights. All right, title and interest to all
intellectual property with respect to the Corel Software shall remain with
Corel. No license or other right of any kind is grnated by Corel's
furnishing the Corel Software to User, except for the limited right to use
and tet the Corel Software as part of the Product as expressively provided
in this Agreement. Nothing in this section shall effect the rights of
copyright holders of non-Corel Software or the rights granted to User under
license by such copyright holders.

Part 13: Confidentiaity of Information

[This section has in BOLD:]

For clarity, non-Corel Software is not considered Confidential Information.


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