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[no subject] 2.4.17 kernel & pcmcia problem 2002 CCID semiconductor industrial & market ANNAL reports For Help with lilo post-installation about Xe3 ACPI under WindowMaker Alimed: Services at your sevices. Re: AMD's PowerNow? APM signals cause lockup battery and X problems Can't make my eth0 work can't use mouse in console mode? Compaq Armada 110 with 2.2r5 ? Compaq Presario 1220: How to get rid of the <Fn> key? Compaq presario 1630 mouse problems. Deb/GNU on Gericom 1st Supersonic M6T? debian 3 upgrade lost PATH Debian Linux on Toshiba Libretto 70CT Debian on a NEC PC98 Debian on X22 dell 4000 dell c600 Dell Inspiron 2500 PCMCIA issues Dell Latitude cpt s500gt model ppx Dell Latitude Ls and the neomagic X server in unstable Digital camera DVD-CDR combos supported? DWL-650 ES1879 on A Solo 5150 anyone? Euro symbol problem on my laptop First boot hangs on PCMCIA services after install Re: FIXED! X dies at suspend Re: For Help with lilo post-installation freeze in bootup gdk fontset warning problem Gericom Supersonic M6T Getting close with the port replicator... Gnome hangs during startup on Inspirion 2500 hardware failures - diagnostic software for debian how to rescue boot from cd hp pavilion ze1110 pcmcia problems IBM Thinkpard A30 wireless IEEE 1394 pcmcia card in woody INFO Install on Toshiba Satellite 5005 Installation problems installation report PC-9821Lt2/3A (was Re: Debian on a NEC PC98) Re: Installing Debian over Network with the e100-driver Installing on a Dell C610 Latitude internet connection Internet connection (bis) irda and ESS maestro Laptop Network Auto-Config Re: Lightweight browsers (Re: Unidentified subject!) Re: LILO on a Toshiba Tecra 500CDT gives an error Linksys PCMP100 Etherfast V3 PCMCIA card Linux on Asus L8400 laptops locales in woody broken? Logitech wheel mouse on Dell i8000 LTModem modem on VAIO FX401 Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500 New SiS driver available - dual head support New XE3, many questions Omnibook XE3 Omnibook XE3 multimedia/onetouch keys revealed! Orinoco driver for DWL-650 wireless card OT: pcmcia-cs and kernel 2.4.17 OT: Public posting news servers PCMCIA broken in Woody for 2.2.x kernels Re: pcmcia in woody (was spaming filters) pcmcia or usb? Re: pcmcia-cs in Woody pcmcia-cs in Woody (was Re: Spaming filter) poldhu_cs.o and 3com Wireless LAN XJack card Port replicators... re lost path scroll buttons on a Compaq Presario 2700T Selectable bay on Tecra 730CDT and modules.dep sid and 3C3FE575CT sid and Windows DHCP sid on a Tecra 8100 -- pcmcia and sound? Simultaneous internal/external monitor on Dell Latitude CPx slow clock on Dell I8k1 Solved: X dies after inactivity on Inspiron 4100 Sound on Thinkpad 770E Re: sound on VAIO FX401 Spaming filter Speed of DVD-CDRW in Toshiba 3000 (was: Re: DVD-CDR combos supported?) Static noise in ASUS laptop Synaptics touchpad? Tecra 8100 woes, cont. terminal emulator thanks for all , already resolved Toshiba laptops Toshiba Satellite 3000 Software Modem Turn up keyrate speed on Inspiron 2500? Unidentified subject! unsubscribe Unsubscribe unsubscribe unsubscribe User not authorized to run X server Warning: message 16bfvv-0000lR-00 delayed 72 hours Who's messing up my resolv.conf (woody) Re: Wireless Access on Thinkpad T23 X crashes after 20 minutes inactivity X dies after inactivity on Inspiron 4100 X dies at suspend (was: APM signals cause lockup) XFree still unstable on ATI Rage LT Pro XFree: LCD and CRT simultaneously Xircom XE 2000 issues The last update was on 11:51 GMT Sun Nov 19. There are 342 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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