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Re: Port replicators...

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 11:31:00AM -0500, Ed Lawson wrote:
> Darryl L. Pierce wrote:
> >I've asked in the past and never got an answer that worked. I'm at a
> >point again where I want to get my Gateway port replicator to work with
> >my laptop. I can use everything on it but the PCMCIA slots. How do I
> >tell linux to use the two slots that are in the replicator as well as
> >those in my laptop?
> >
> I cannot answer your question directly, but I suggest it is a hardware 
> issue specific to the Gateway port replicator.  I use an HP Omnibook 
> 4150 with a docking station/replicator and I have never had a problem 
> using the PCMCIA slots in the replicator.  I simply plug the laptop in 
> and the cards in the replicator are automatically recognized. Nothing 
> was configed, etc. to do this. I believe it sees the slots in the 
> replicator as opposed to those in the laptop when plugged in.  From your 
> message it seems the Gateway replicator slots are additional slots and 
> the ones in the laptop remain active?  

Correct. When I dock my laptop, the slots on the laptop itself are the
only ones visible. When I do "cardctl status" I only see two slots

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