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sid and Windows DHCP

Hi all,

IRT my last question regarding the NIC on a Toshiba Tecra 8100, that the
Xircom card is apparently broken. I took the card from my T8000 and
plugged it in, and it worked. Thanks to all that helped.

I have a Mac Powerbook G3 (Pismo) that dual boots MacOS9 (to watch DVDs)
and sid. I have taken it to work a few times, and find that I cannot get
a DHCP address. For some reason (the reason being that Windoze' DHCP
implementation is BROKEN), pump is not able to get an IP address. I
looked for a dhcp client, however, dhcp-client was looking for a 2.2.x
kernel (I'm running 2.4.18pre7 from the benh collection), pump, as I
said, won't get an address. Suggestions on how to get the machine on the
work network? It works fine on my home network running ISC's DHCP

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