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ES1879 on A Solo 5150 anyone?

I recently gained a BIOS upgrade which would allow me to upgrade M$
NT4.0 to Win2k - Yes I know! - but I have to use it for some things. I
also wanted to install a USB printer.

I installed kernel 2.4.17-686 but, initially, forgot about checking the
modules and lsot use of my Cardbus NIC - all working well now.

Which brings me to a confession. I ahve had the 5150 for 3 years and
have yet to get the sound to work! I don't use it much but...

The card is an ISA Ess 1879.
The BIOS sets the following:
irq    5
io    0x240,0x388
dma    1 and 3

These show up in win98/2K Hardware Configuration.

I have soundcore and sound modules loaded but every attempt to load the
sb module fails. most recently it reports "too many irq"! I only set the

Looking in the sb.o module I see that it only allows dma16 to be 5,6,7 -
could this be the problem?

I guess I could get the BIOS to change the DMA but am not sure what
effect that would have.

The PNP O/S setting in the BIOS is set to NO.

Any suggstions would be welcome.

Now if only I can get mu UDMA drive to use DMA...:)


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