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X dies at suspend (was: APM signals cause lockup)

On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 11:53, Jay Ford wrote:

> Disabling APIC by unsetting the kernel config variable CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC
> fixed that for me on my 8100.  Note that this is APIC, not ACPI.

That fixed it. Thanks! :)

But now that I can suspend properly, I'm left with a new problem. When I
suspend (to RAM) X shuts down, and I have to manually restart it. Apart
from being an inconvenience, this forcibly logs me out of the X session,
so all of my unsaved work is lost. Is there any way to go about keeping
X up?

And while I'm at it, any suggestions for getting the sound to cooperate
in Gnome? I've managed to get the OSS drivers working (compiled in
kernel) but I get no Gnome sounds, though XMMS works fine.


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