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Re: pcmcia in woody (was spaming filters)

>> ... I notice that pcmcia-cs in "pure" woody is still (ugh)
>> 3.1.22?  That's *ancient*!  sid has 3.1.31 - can we convince ...
>> know of an abiding reason why they've let it rot?
>they haven't built on all architectures. there's never an active
>"keeping things in unstable and not letting them get into testing."
>a package has to fulfill many requirements to move to testing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most other hardware architectures don't
even *have* PCMCIA/Cardbus hardware.  So worrying about it not building on 
them is just sneaking in an empty-set or refusing to make with a "non
critical" response, right?

(Sure, I'll have that S/390 PDA in my pocket any minute now.  Lemme just
hook it into the building generator so I have enough juice to sync up...)

Anyways when I was asking for a "known abiding reason" I meant something
specific, not "that's how testing/woody works".  Which arch needs to be 
hit on the head to make it happy?  Or are you just guessing?

This happens every release.  We pay twice as much for our systems as everyone
else* for the gain of mobility, but we're second class when the software gets
the seal of approval.

* yes, even if you have a p60 you got used, I bet a desktop p75 didn't cost
  nearly so much at the time.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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