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Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

Joseph Fannin <jhf@rivenstone.net> wrote on 02/02/2002 (12:22) :
>     Powering the machine off is all that ACPI seems to be good for ATM
> as well, but I have some hope that the battery monitoring functions
> could be fixed soon (at least, it seems close enough to working and I
> have enough information to complain about it and hope someone who
> knows what they are doing will try to fix it.) The battery socket gets
> detected as long as there is no battery inserted at boottime; if a
> battery is inserted after that, ACPI reports errors when trying to
> query the battery status.

I compiled 2.4.17 after applying the patch at : acpi.sf.net

Now if I don't insmod the ospm_ec module, but load the battery and
ac_adapter modules I get some information in /proc/acpi/batter/1/info
and /proc/acpi/batter/1/status. Though the gnome battery monitor applet
will only show 0% battery.

The problem is that the themal zone module won't load. Has anybody else
seen this? I had to enable development code in the kernel to compile

It says that one should have the thermal zone running or the processor
may overheat, so I'm a bit nervouse about this. Do anybody know how the
fan works on the laptop. I mean does the ACPI turn off fans, or does the
hardware regulate the fans if the machine gets hot?

Thanks in advance.
Preben Randhol         «For me, Ada95 puts back the joy in programming.»

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