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Re: sid and Windows DHCP

Derek Broughton wrote:

Bradley Alexander wrote:

I have a Mac Powerbook G3 (Pismo) that dual boots MacOS9 (to watch DVDs)
and sid. I have taken it to work a few times, and find that I cannot get
a DHCP address. For some reason (the reason being that Windoze' DHCP
implementation is BROKEN), pump is not able to get an IP address. I

Considering all the things about MS that _are_ broken it seems a little unfair to blame them for this. pump (from woody, w/ kernel 2.4.16/2.4.17) works fine on my client's Win NT network.

Sure, NT is fine, but W2K DHCP is so broken that use of W2K as a domain controller used to be *banned* at MIT! With SP2, it is now merely "not supported" because it interferes with other DHCP servers on the network (!).


So yes, it is quite fair to blame MS for DHCP brokenness.


-Adam P.

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