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Installing on a Dell C610 Latitude

My laptop is a Dell C619 Latitude.

I installed Debian 2.2r4 from a three CD set I purchased.

First problem. I cannot get XWindows to work. Reading around the web, I think I need to get a newer version of XFree86 that supports the ATI Radeon video card.

Second problem. I have no access to a network so I can only download by modem to the laptop. I can get the modem to work under Linux. Again, reading around the web, I think I have a winmodem, but couldn't find out if I should be able to get it to work or not. The modem is a PCTEL 2304WT. I tried the PCTEL module patches with no success (lots of symbol undefined errors when installing).

I haven't quite given up yet but am close. My questions are "Should I still have hope and if so why?" and "Even if I get it to work, will the lack of a network connection severely hamper my use of the system?"

This is my first experience with Linux and my only unix experience is playing around with the underbelly of Mac OS X.


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