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Re: Port replicators...

Darryl L. Pierce wrote:

I've asked in the past and never got an answer that worked. I'm at a
point again where I want to get my Gateway port replicator to work with
my laptop. I can use everything on it but the PCMCIA slots. How do I
tell linux to use the two slots that are in the replicator as well as
those in my laptop?

I cannot answer your question directly, but I suggest it is a hardware issue specific to the Gateway port replicator. I use an HP Omnibook 4150 with a docking station/replicator and I have never had a problem using the PCMCIA slots in the replicator. I simply plug the laptop in and the cards in the replicator are automatically recognized. Nothing was configed, etc. to do this. I believe it sees the slots in the replicator as opposed to those in the laptop when plugged in. From your message it seems the Gateway replicator slots are additional slots and the ones in the laptop remain active?
Ed Lawson

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