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Re: Static noise in ASUS laptop

On Feb 05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> I am having noise problems with my sound output in a ASUS S8600 laptop
> running Debian unstable (kernel 2.4.16).  I have installed alsa
> 0.9.0-beta10, but even with the alsa modules unloaded, I hear a lot of
> static noise through the speakers and, particularly, through the earphones.
> Noise appears when the hard disk is accessed or when I move the cursor using
> the touchpad.
> Looks like I have a hardware problem or a interference (irq? dma?) of sorts.
> Do you have any clue about how this could be fixed?
you probably have your LINE IN/MIC mixer settings up.  A good idea is to mute 

Another problem is X.  You can run the PCI bus graphics card with neglect on 
the other PCI devices.


Option      "NoPciBurst" "off"

to you XF86Config file and that should help to reduce the noise problem. :)


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