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Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

From: "cyn" <cyn@cyn.org>

> Actually, just tonight I learned that win2k (and probably ME + XP) do
> their suspend to disk into a file - hiberfile.sys I believe.  So it seems
> to me that whatever the case is with suspending to disk, ACPI seems to
> 'allow' more control for where the OS writes it (perhaps to avoid the
> whole bios limitation of where to suspend / resizing the partition if you
> add more memory / etc.) - the trade off being that you are writing it to a
> file in an existing partition so you would need ram*OS's.  This would
> support the fact that no such partitions exist - and I am curious about
> anyone with this laptop who still has a windows installation if they have
> such a file that's the same size as the amount of ram they have.

I can't find a hiber*.sys or anything of the sort, or any file at all that's
bigger than 100MB under c:/windows (scanning the partition from Linux), and
since the Windows session was 'hibernated' it really should be there


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