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Re: 2.4.17 kernel & pcmcia problem

Brian Mays wrote:
Tom Allison <tallison1@twmi.rr.com> asked:

QUESTION:  If I were to use the kernel from ftp.kernel.org and then
run a make-kpkg, would I see this same problem?

It depends.  If you are using the 2.4 kernel drivers (i.e., you have
turned on the CONFIG_PCMCIA option) then you would not experience these
problems.  The problems with 3.1.31-6 occur only with those trying to
use the new pcmcia-cs package with old versions of the pcmcia-modules-*
packages or are trying to use the standalone modules without packaging
them in a Debian package first.

I upgrade pcmcia-cs to pull in the newer applications (cardctl v3.1.31) and in that process ended up with this problem.

In the past 2.4.xx kernels I have been using the kernel supplied drivers for my network cards. Is it safe to assume that the problem I have experienced was limited to the fact that I also upgraded my pcmcia-cs binaries. And, if I were to make a new kernel based on 2.4.18 that I should not expect this problem again since I will be using the kernel based pcmcia driver libraries?

Is that about the 'gist' of it?

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