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Re: Xircom XE 2000 issues

Chris Sutcliffe wrote:

I'm trying to get my Xircom XE 2000 PCMCIA network card working. I can get a link light on both the card and the router, ifconfig displays all the configuration information correctly, and the route table is setup correctly. I've read various messages around the 'net saying to put the card in promisc mode, which I tried, with no success.

How did you install Debian on this machine? I had the same symptoms on a Xircom card when installing from original Potato disks, and we redid the install from 2.2R4 disks and it worked perfectly... almost, the card stopped working occasionally, but popping it out and plugging back in would reset it when that happened.

Try booting from the latest install disks, and see if you can see the network.

P.S. It's generally frowned upon to send HTML mail to Debian lists.


-Adam P.

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