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Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

cyn <cyn@cyn.org> wrote on 01/02/2002 (07:23) :
> not flaming or attacking or anything like that - just being cautionary...
> No, don't delete that - 10:1 chances are that you have 32mb of ram and
> that's your suspend partition - when you suspend to disk, the contents of
> your ram have to be written... to your disk, and I suspect this is also
> why our friend here has no success with his suspend due to 'broken bios' -
> although it is possible that suspend just doesn't work.

The partition contains some MS-DOS utilities for diagnositics etc. I
have 256Mb RAM btw. And I have now deleted it, reinstalled Windows XP
and installed Linux (after a lot of hassle due to this cursed md), but
now it is up and working. Now I need to recompile the kernel to remove
APM etc..

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