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Re: Who's messing up my resolv.conf (woody)

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 05:55, Petr Hlustik wrote:
> domain lib.uchicago.edu\000
> which is correct for the subnet but the \000 breaks it. The nameservers
> that follow are configured correctly. When I go back to my office eth0, the
> resolv.conf never gets changed, that is, it remains broken. So far, I keep
> a copy of my original resolve.conf and copy it manyally over the broken one
> but I wonder which component is changing the resolv.conf (did not see this
> mentioned in any man page).

I have seen pump do this as well, when the DHCP server is an NT box.  I
just disabled updating to the resolv.conf in the pump configuration
file, and worked around it with whereami.

> P.S. BTW, I also installed whereami but it did not configure properly, it
> breaks each time in the middle of detecting and configuring the eth0.

Send me your detect.conf and tell me what you were trying to do.

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