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Re: battery and X problems

Once upon a time Mark Barnes (mbarnes@pacifier.com) wrote:

   > This is barely a laptop problem, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
   > Occasionally my battery runs out of juice without any warning: no
   > flashing orange light or anything like that; everything just shuts
   > down.  If this happens in console mode, there's generally no problems
   > when I find a plug and start things up again.  But if it crashes in X,
   > I have problems when I try to start X again.  The problem is that text
   > in the menus is not visible, and the frames around xterm or rxvt are
   > not visible.  I can startx OK, and the debian menu system is there,
   > but I can't read any text.  I'm using 2.2r5 with a custom 2.2.19
   > kernel, xfree86 3.3.6, the svga server, blackbox 0.51.3, and the
   > Debian menu system on my thinkpad 1200i (type 1161).  When this has
   > happened before, I uninstalled X, and reinstalled it.  That fixed the
   > problem, but I always think there's got to be a better way to fix
   > this.  Does anyone have any thoughts on how to restore my setup to its
   > normal (excellent) condition?  Thanks.  Also, if there's a good
   > battery monitor that might give me a bit more warning, I'd like to
   > learn about it.
Hi Mark,

I am not sure about your problem, but I can help with the battery
monitor. do you use APM ? there is apm daemon that will monitor the
battery and will allow you to go in stand by and others. if you have
apm them there is many smaller applets that would help to monitor the
battery. do a search on freshmeat for apm. I myself use gkrellm which
has among many other things a battery monitor, I highly recommend it.

I hope this helps,


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