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Re: LTModem

From: "Ignasi Palou-Rivera" <palou@yahoo.com>

> I'm trying to upgrade the kernel I'm running on my Thinkpad from 2.4.7
> to 2.4.16
> I can't find any deb packages for the Lucent modem modules for current
> kernel versions. The last one I can find is for 2.4.14, before the
> major VM fixes. What's up?

Simon's obviously got you on the right track, but "what's up" is that 2.4.14
or later really _aren't_ current kernels.  They're 'testing' kernels, and
it's expectable that not all packages will be fully consistent at this
stage.  Unfortunately the LTmodem maintainers aren't that big on keeping
up - which is too bad since it's _really_ easy to create a .deb from the


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