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Re: ACPI under WindowMaker

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002 13:59:34 -0500
mcpierce@telocity.com wrote:


> I've started playing around with WindowMaker and saw the wmacpi applet.
> I downloaded, recompiled my kernel enabling ACPI and disabling APM,
> installed the kernel, rebooted and started the ACPI applet. But, the
> thing doesn't show any information. It's constantly at 100% (even
> thought right now I'm on 76% battery) and says that I'm in AC mode. Has
> the API for the kernel changed? I'm running the 2.4.16 kernel.

I think the reason lies in the ACPI implementation in the kernel. It is still quite experimental and may give some wrong information to your dock app.
A new version was released a few days ago for kernel 2.5.x, and the developers promised a backport for the 2.4 series.

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