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Installation problems

I just installed 2.2r3 and saw that I could upgrade to unstable so I 
did and stuffed my installation.  So I reinstalled 2.2r3 without 
enabling apt to upgrade as I had kept all the files on my hard drive.  
This is the first time I have been trying to use debian since kernel 
2.0.34 I think.  Sometime in 98? I tried to install debian(slink) and 
get it to run but couldn't so I quit trying to use linux, as I didn't do 
much better with other dists either.  This installation however was 
comparatively easy.  My pcmcia card has worked from installation. 
I can get on the net easily.   This 2nd install I have some problems 
getting the xserver to run, it does, but flickering first.  Any way to 
stop that?  I am also unable to get sound working.  My computer is 
a compaq armada 1750.   

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