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Re: Can't make my eth0 work

Tom Allison wrote:

Derek Broughton wrote:

Under 2.4.16, eth0 comes up perfectly every time (using the stock
kernel-image.2.4.16-586), with a custom compiled kernel-image-2.4.17, I
can't get it active.

Read back on some of the recent (<7 days) problems people have had involving pcmcia and 2.4.17. I have been there myself until recently.

Arrghh! This happens every time I bring my laptop home. I've been fighting this for two weeks or more, and when I picked up my mail yesterday, none of those messages came down. When I check today, there's my post and all those others about pcmcia & 2.4.17!

What I have seen so far is this:
I can install a kernel-image OK.
When I try to install a modules-pcmcia package I get hit with various errors:

Unlike you, I've never had any sucess with pcmcia anyway, so I use the kernel drivers. More annoying than anything else, today PCMCIA is working and I'm still getting the IRQ conflict errors. I did recompile the kernel again with a config more closely based on the working 2.4.16 kernel, but I'll be d****d if I know what made the difference.


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