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Re: Toshiba laptops

On Saturday 16 February 2002 04:42 pm, Drew Parsons wrote:
> Jonathan Buzzard has written a set of Toshiba Linux utilities, which
> provide access to BIOS functions.  His webpage is
> http://www.buzzard.org.uk/toshiba/ The Debian package is named toshutils (a
> new version with small bug fixes will be uploaded soon).  He's got a couple
> of further references which might help you feel secure that the 1800 will
> work fine for you.  

I didn't find any references to 1800 series. On shoptoshiba.com, they start 
their description of  Satellite 1800-S274 with "If you're a power user who 
doesn't have time for games," Are they really trying to say "the video card 
(Trident Cyber Aladdin-T with 16MB UMA VRAM) sucks in this one"? Can anyone 
comment on its performance compared to the NVidia cards?

One strange thing: in the PDF file "technical specs" they don't mention 
anything about the modem other than that it's "integrated"!

BTW, are there any Toshiba laptops that read SmartMedia cards without extra 

P.S. I'm thinking of buying one of the 1800 models, so comments are very 

>I've got a 490CDT, and it's still chugging along very
> happily.  Support for it is only getting better as kernel support for IRDA,
> USB and ACPI continues to improve (ACPI is not yet complete, you can't yet
> rely on it).

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