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Re: freeze in bootup

Nikolaj Erichsen wrote:

I sometimes have some troubles in starting up my 2.4.14 and 2.4.17
kernels on my dell Inspiron 8100 (with bios A08), the computer freezes
randomly during bootup, sometimes it's in configuring network, sometimes
it's when staring X, usually it's somewhere else(!)
Maybe the bios is buggy or is it apm...thank god for journaling...

Isn't A08 a bit old? My i2500 is A10, and I thought the 8100s were using the same numbers (though the BIOS appears to be different). I'd check for a BIOS upgrade first. As for bios/apm being buggy - apm definitely doesn't work on the 2500. Try ACPI.


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