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Re: 2.4.17 kernel & pcmcia problem

Tom Allison <tallison1@twmi.rr.com> wrote:

> I upgrade pcmcia-cs to pull in the newer applications (cardctl 
> v3.1.31) and in that process ended up with this problem.
> In the past 2.4.xx kernels I have been using the kernel supplied 
> drivers for my network cards.  Is it safe to assume that the problem I 
> have experienced was limited to the fact that I also upgraded my 
> pcmcia-cs binaries.  And, if I were to make a new kernel based on 
> 2.4.18 that I should not expect this problem again since I will be 
> using the kernel based pcmcia driver libraries?

I just checked to refresh my memory on the problem that you are 
discussing.  If you are using the 2.4 kernel drivers, then you do not need 
to install (or even build) a pcmcia-modules-2.4.18 package.  This is the 
package that had the conflicts with the kernel-image package.  Since you 
do not need to install it, you should not encounter this problem again.

The contents of the pcmcia-cs package should not have conflicted with 
anything.  Therefore, this is not a problem with pcmcia-cs.

Those users who prefer the standalone drivers in the pcmcia-modules-* 
packages will continue to see these conflicts until the kernel packages 
are fixed to get rid of the symbolic links in the pcmcia subdirectory.  If 
these users build their own custom kernels, they should *disable* the 
building of the 2.4 kernel drivers when configuring their kernels.  This 
is done by saying "no" to PCMCIA support (i.e., the question about 
CONFIG_PCMCIA).  This question is about the kernel-supplied drivers, and 
has nothing to do with the standalone drivers provided by the pcmcia-cs 

- Brian

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