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RE: Digital camera

I LOVE my canon camera, and the A10 is better than mine.

I'd highly suggest the PC Card CF reader. I think I paid $17 for mine, and
it's about as fast as my hard drive.

Now, that's not with gPhoto or anything like that, but all you want is to
get the photos on your omnibook no?


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I'd like to buy a digital camera and be able to use it with my HP OmniBook
XE3 with debian. What _low_ price camrea do you suggest?
I'd prefer CompactFlash storage, and it would be the best if it would also
work with USB. I was thinking about these cameras so far:

Canon A10
HP PhotoSmart 318 or 612
Pentax El-100
maybe Olympus C-1 or C-100

Anybody have experience with some of these?


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