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Re: IBM Thinkpard A30 wireless

On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 08:04:32PM +0100, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Hi Martin!
>>>>I got the wlan working so far, but I miss some things. I am using
>>>>linux-wlan-ng-0.1.10 (.12 would not compile and .13 segfaulted every
>>>>time). How do I get a list of currently available wlan names, and where
>>>>can I see at which data rate the card is working?
>> It does not work with my wlan0:
>> Is there another driver for the prism2 that supports wireless
>> extensions?
> orinoco_cs from kernel 2.4.17 supports wireless extensions, but WEP
> doesn't work for me (with wlan-ng WEP 128 worked fine).

That wouldn't be a problem as I do not trust wep ;-)

> I updated my prism2 based PCMCIA card to firmware 0.8x otherwise
> there is a warnung that parts aren't supported.

I read something about the prism2 mini-pci being on the TODO-List of
linux (in 2.4.17). So I think I should wait for this to be finished to
get the wireless extensions working, or ist there another possibility?


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