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RE: dell 4000

only problems might be:

if you mess up with lilo, and install it in the wrong place, you could
corrupt the system so that the win system may be unbootable. There's
documentation in the lilo docs about this.

You could either use debian or redhat to boot with, but I'd think that you'd
want to be really careful to always keep youre /etc/lilo.conf (or
/etc/grub.conf, if you're using grub as a boot loader) in sync, and/or make
sure you never ever run lilo/grub from one or the other place.

IIRC, you can only have 7 total partitions: 3 primary, and 4 logical (or is
it the other way around?), so you may have to lt youre hda4 be one big
partition for debian.

Though I've seen many many os' on one computer before, and managed with
lilo. I once had .98 linux, doc/win31, os/2 on the same machine, so...


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From: Ryan Elmore [mailto:elmore@stat.psu.edu]
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 02:04 PM
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Subject: dell 4000

Hi everybody...I am new to the mailing list and debian, so please excuse
my ignorance.  I am currently running a dell inspiron 4000 with windows me
and red hat 7.1, but I would love to add debian!  I was wondering if there
are any problems that I should expect or may encounter by trying to add
debian as a third option.  I'm not asking from the hardware compatibility
side, but rather from the perspective of just having three operating
systems to the machine.  Here is the partition table and what I plan to

Name    Flags    Partition type      FS Type         [label]       Size(MB)
hda2                 Primary        linux ext2      [/boot]          24.68
                                    Unusable                         57.58
hda1    Boot         Logical        Win95 FAT32 (LBA)              3767.71
hda4                 Primary        Win95 FAT32 (LBA [P^]c]        2097.45
hda5                 Logical        Linux ext2      [/usr ]        2097.45
hda6                 Logical        Linux ext2      [/    ]        1579.26
hda7                 Logical        Linux Swap                       74.03
                     Logical        Free Space                      444.17

I plan on deleting hda4 and partitioning it into /usr, /home, and root for
Debian.  By doing this, will I create problems by trying to boot the 3
operating systems?  I am assuming that Debian will control the boot
process and allow me to enter red hat or windows...is this correct?  Any
potential problems and/or suggestions are very much appreciated.   Thanks
in advance,

Ryan Elmore

Penn State - Dept of Statistics

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