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Sound on Thinkpad 770E

Hello. :)  I've installed Debian (Woody) on a used Thinkpad 770E I just
bought.  Everything works beautifully; X+KDE is running surprisingly
quickly at 1024x768. :)  The only thing I can't figure out is the
sound.  I've read that the 770 (no E) uses the cs4232 module, and that
the 770E needs Alsa's cs4236 -- Can anyone confirm this?

For some reason, the soundcard isn't showing any info in `lspci`, and
nothing comes up in pnpdump.  The two drivers I know that might work
(cs4232 and Alsa cs4236) require IRQ/IOport info, and I don't have it.
:(  The BIOS doesn't seem to contain this information.

The guy I bought the laptop off of thinks he remembers that sound worked
in Slackware, but, in my haste to get Debian installed, I didn't check
the details before I reformatted.  I've got everything except the sound
working perfectly, and don't particularly want to install another OS to
get this information.  If anyone has some hints or tips, I'd be much
appreciative. :)  Thanks!

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