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Re: OT: Public posting news servers

groups.google.com carries both of those hierarchies, although I would be
the first to grant that browsing through a web site isn't the same as
using a real newsreader.  Airnews is less than $5 a month if you don't
sign up for access to binaries, Newsguy is $40/year for their basic
service. http://www.newzbot.com has lists of free servers.

On Sat, 2002-02-09 at 12:42, mcpierce@telocity.com wrote:
> My ISP (Telocity) has yet again had their news server crap out and
> there's no sign of them getting it back up and running any time soon
> (their normal pathology is a minimum of one week downtime). 
> So, I would like to find a public, free news server that 1) allows
> posting and 2) carries the comp.* and triangle.* hierarchies. Any
> suggestions?
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