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Who's messing up my resolv.conf (woody)

Hello folks,

I am sorry to see so many broken pieces regarding woody, 2.4 kernels &
PCMCIA. I'm lucky since I've had my CardBus card working w/o interruption
after woody upgrade (with 2.4.17 and kernel modules) but I have another

I run the hotplug + ifupdown + guessnet combo to reconfigure my PCMCIA eth0
based on network: office = fixed IP, library = DHCP. It works fine
switching back and forth except for the resolv.conf. After I use the DHCP,
it gets changed, e.g., the first line becomes

domain lib.uchicago.edu\000

which is correct for the subnet but the \000 breaks it. The nameservers
that follow are configured correctly. When I go back to my office eth0, the
resolv.conf never gets changed, that is, it remains broken. So far, I keep
a copy of my original resolve.conf and copy it manyally over the broken one
but I wonder which component is changing the resolv.conf (did not see this
mentioned in any man page).


P.S. BTW, I also installed whereami but it did not configure properly, it
breaks each time in the middle of detecting and configuring the eth0.

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