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sid on a Tecra 8100 -- pcmcia and sound?

Hey all,

Just started a new job, and they gave me a Toshiba Tecra 8100. At work,
the machine has a dockinsg station with a 3com 3c905-esque card in it. I
reduced the size of the Win2k partition, and did a network install of
sid. Everything is working except for network and sound.


As I said, I have a docking station with a 3com card in it. The
Boomerang/Vortex drivers work fine with it, but when I boot the machine
in the docking station, I have to manually tell it "ifup eth0" before I
get network connectivity. This should be an automatic thing.

The machine also has a Xircom 10/100 NIC in the pcmcia port. I can't get
this to work at all. I am running pcmcia-cs 3.1.31-6 and kernel 2.4.17.
I went through all of the sites (except one that won't answer) for the
Tecra 8100, and all of them were basic install documents with RedHat. I
have a Tecra 8000, and I remembered some finagling that I had to do with
the pcmcia subsystem, so I tried them on the 8100:

in /etc/pcmcia.opts, added "exclude irq 3,4,7,9"

In pcmcia add
  PCIC_OPTS="irq_list=10,11 has_ring=0"

This did not work. What can I do to get pcmcia working on sid/2.4.17?


Haven't really played with sound yet, was hoping to get network working
first. But I do have alsa installed. Any caveats to setting this up?

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