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Re: Synaptics touchpad?

вт, 12.02.2002 г., в 14.54 (+0200) Derek Broughton написа: 
> René Seindal wrote:
> > I haven't quite followed this thread, but there are at least two
> > packages, tpconfig and synaptics, that contain a program to control
> > various features of the synaptics touchpad, such as tapping, dragging,
> > tapping in corners etc.
> Actually, they're the same program, different package names (offhand I can't
> remember which is current). The program, in either package, is tpconfig.
> And, afaik, corner taps aren't supported by tpconfig on synaptics.  The old
> version of tpconfig (which is intended for more touchpads than just
> synaptics) used to let you set corner taps, but it didn't work, and the
> latest version I installed didn't even let me set them.

On the Synaptics touchpad of HP Omnibook XE3 tpconfig supports almost
nothing, basically the only useful thing is turning on/off tapping. The
method described in this thread by Dave Thayer works just great. It
seems gpm supports the touchpad much more natively, only that I would
never guess the weird syntax of /etc/gpm-syn.conf ;)

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