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Re: dell 4000

Derek Broughton a écrit, lundi 11 février 2002, à 09:14 :
> From: "Klaas Gadeyne" <Klaas.Gadeyne@mech.kuleuven.ac.be>
> > Is this so??  I thought you could have more logical ones...
> >
> in the first place it's four primaries - one or more of which are containers

Only *one* `container' is allowed with usual tools as c?fdisk.

> for logicals.  So there's no real reason you couldn't have 10 if you had 2
> primaries containing 4 logicals each.

You can use many logicals, up to 63 (IDE, maybe only 15 on SCSI...).  As
they are  chained together, you  can't just modify their  number without
updating /etc/fstab and lilo.conf or Grub menu.

> However, while there may be a limit to the number of logical partitions
> allowed, my system has 3 primaries, (/hda1 is still Windows, /hda2 is /boot,
> and /hda3 contains 6 logical partitions /hda5-/hda10 with the rest of my
> linux system).

If you  don't need seeing a  logical v?fat partition from  the dark side
system©, it is safer setting the container type to `Linux extended' (85)
than to `Extended' (05), as especially hda5 can be messed up.

Jacques L'helgoualc'h

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