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Compaq Armada 110 with 2.2r5 ?

Hi all,

I want to buy a laptop, specially the Compaq Armada 110 (can get it
for a low prize, Celeron 850, 15GB HD, 192MB RAM).
Comming from SuSE ( since 5.3 / 1996 ) I would like to change to
debian too.

As far as I know SuSE ( kernel 2.4.*, XFree 4.1.* ) has only
problems with APM. The newest XFree 3.?? should work too(?).
Ok, thats SuSE, but I really want to install debian :)

So my questions:
- Do you expect problems with this laptop and debian?
  Or - has anybody of you (good) experience with this laptop?

- Is it better to take woody than 2.2r5 for this laptop?

Thanks to everyone

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