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Re: Dell Latitude Ls and the neomagic X server in unstable

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 11:29:17AM -0800, Michael Perry wrote:
> Kind of curious whether others using the neomagic driver in the most
> recent X in unstable see problems with a frozen display when switching
> to a VC and then back IF the vc is active for a long time.  I tend to
> switch away for several tasks and it appears to happen more often
> running a wm like icewm but even blackbox causes it.  I have not seen it
> yet running ion.

Running a Latitude CSx, neomagic 256AV, kernel 2.4.17 plus freeswan;
running sawfish and lots of apps.

No such problems. My only problem, in fact, is that the touchpad malfs
if there is no external mouse present (and operates seamlessly when a PS/2
mouse is in).

Otherwise, no complaints.


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