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Re: Xircom XE 2000 issues

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:

>I'm trying to get my Xircom XE 2000 PCMCIA network card working.  I can
>get a link light on both the card and the router, ifconfig displays all
>the configuration information correctly, and the route table is setup
>correctly.  I've read various messages around the 'net saying to put the
>card in promisc mode, which I tried, with no success.

More information please.

1) What module are you loading?

2) What is the output of `ifconfig eth0` (assuming your Xircom is on eth0)

3) Relevant output of dmesg

4) Kernel Version

5) Are you using the PCMCIA drivers that came with the kernel, or the ones
from pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net (preferable)

6) Have you assigned it an IP?

7) Can another machine ping it?

Hope this helps

Cameron Kerr

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