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Re: New XE3, many questions

ср, 20.02.2002 г., в 7.18 (+0200) Gabor FLEISCHER написа:
> 1. When I do /etc/init.d/alsa start (or restart) it works almost as I'd
> except it. Even the controls are set to the last saved state and they are
> also
> unmuted. But the sound is VERY quite until I manually (or from script)
> do any changes to Master and PCM. Now I do
> amixer sset 'Master' mute > /dev/null
> amixer sset 'Master' unmute > /dev/null
> in a script. Any other solutions (which works for all controls)?
alsa init script first loads modules then does "alsactl restore" to get
your mixer settings back to the stage saved by "alsactl store" (usually
invoked by /etc/init.d/alsa stop). On my XE3 (ESS Maestro3 card) I had
to put "sleep 2" between the module loading and volume restoring, else
it wouldn't restore properly.

> 2. Is there any way to do suspend/standby with ACPI? As far as I understood
> from the docs it's not supported yet :( Or should I try with the old APM
> again? With ACPI at least I get the sleep/power button's notify.
ACPI's still experimental/unfinished and there is no suspend/standby
support. With me APM works for suspend/standby (suspend by pressing

> 3. Any IrDA expiriences with Nokia 6110? The only thing I could achieve
> was that I saw the IR blinking with a camera when I run irdaping, but
> I couldn't send/receive anything to/from the 6110.
irdaping is part of the irda-tools package. You also need the
irda-common package -- the irattach program to "attach" your IR device.
Of course kernel support should be also present ;) I've had success with
Siemens S35.

> 4. APM doesn't report battery status. -> ok, let's do ACPI
> But ACPI debug gives strange errors from time to time:
> Feb 20 04:36:38 exodus kernel:    ecgpe-0131 [04] ec_gpe_handler        :
> Unable to send 'query command' to EC.
> Feb 20 04:36:38 exodus kernel: [ACPI Debug] String: =====QUERY_42=====
> Feb 20 04:36:38 exodus kernel: evregion-0302 [21] Ev_address_space_dispa:
> Region handler: AE_ERROR [System_memory]
> Feb 20 04:36:38 exodus kernel: Ps_execute: method failed -
> \_SB_.PCI0.LPCB.EC0_._Q42 (cf723948)
> 5. ACPI only reports battery _once_ (sometimes not even once).
> When I "cat /proc/acpi/" i get:
> exodus:~# cat /proc/acpi/battery/1/status
> Present:                 yes
> Error reading battery status (_BST)
> and the debug:
> Feb 20 04:45:11 exodus kernel: evregion-0302 [20] Ev_address_space_dispa:
> Region handler: AE_BAD_PARAMETER [Embedded_control]
> Feb 20 04:45:11 exodus kernel:  dswexec-0392 [11] Ds_exec_end_op        :
> [Store]: Could not resolve operands, AE_BAD_PARAMETER
> Feb 20 04:45:11 exodus kernel: Ps_execute: method failed -
> \_SB_.PCI0.LPCB.BAT1._BST (cf7222e8)
> Anyone succeeded with ACPI (or APM) and battery status?
Exactly the same situation with ACPI here. I can see battery parameters
(in /proc/acpi/battery/0/info) but I get an error if I want to see the
status (same debug errors in log). Apparently this is also due to the
immatureness of the ACPI support.
> 6. Is there any solution to "eepro100: wait_for_cmd_done timeout!" ???
my XE3 has DEC 24xxx compatible card and works fine with the tulip

> 7. The LCD panel's clock isn't running. It means, that when I boot
> it syncronizes to CMOS clock (well it's on GMT, but anyway), but it
> doesn't refresh later. So let's say I turn it on at 2:00, and it's on
> for 3 hours, but the LCD's clock is still on 2:00. (The ":" is blinking
> though) Is it only a problem in my machine or anybody seen such things?
no such problem here. Do you have this problem only when you run Linux
or also with other operating systems? Just boot some DOS floppy and see
if the problem is there too -- then it is a hardware/BIOS/whatever error
and you can pursue HP to fix it for free (if you have the warranty of
course :))
> 9. Any methods to change between LCD and external monitor output without
> reboot? (This new XE3 has i830MG. As I saw the older machines had Savage,
> and there was a utility to change between outputs)
Indeed mine has Savage, switching between LCD/CRT is done by Fn+F5

> 10. Any success with KDE? I found on the net that it's a bug in X 4.1's VESA
> driver, and I have to upgrade to 4.2. Is it worth? Will it work?
If you get X running you can get KDE too. It's always best to upgrade to
the latest stable thing. Btw isn't i830 supported natively in X 4.2?

> 11. Any success wit the inet and CD buttons? I saw in the archive that
> someone sent some "code" for enabling the scancodes, but it's not real code.
> Anybody's got a utility for enabling them?
I'm very much interested too!!

> 12. Any success with TouchPad other than simple 2 button (3rd emulated)
> PS/2? synps2 doesn't work, IMPS/2 doesn't work. The two middle buttons
> don't send any codes.
The XE3 has a Synaptics touch pad. 1 or 2 weeks ago there was a thread
with a working solution to get one of the scroll buttons as a third
mouse button under X. Search the list for "Synaptics touchpad".

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