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Re: Turn up keyrate speed on Inspiron 2500?

Derek Broughton <derek_broughton@hotmail.com> wrote on 06/02/2002 (18:42) :
> From: "Preben Randhol" <randhol@pvv.org>
> > I have turned the keyrate to max and the keydelay to minimum on my
> > laptop, but still it is slow compared to my office machine (a desktop).
> >
> > Is it the hardware that is the limitation?
> It can't be, as I can get things going pretty fast in windows.  What are you
> using for the mouse?  A lot of people suggest gpm for the touchpad, but I
> never could get it working decently and found it very slow when it wasn't
> sending all sorts of spurious signals.  The mouse goes as fast as I need,
> when defined as a PS/2 mouse (and in KDE, pointer acceleration is set at
> only 2X - of a possible 20X), but the keyboard is noticeably slow still, and
> KDE only permits keyboard repeat to be on or off.

Mouse works just fine. It is the keyboard that is slow. I mean when you
edit a text and you want to go fast to some points in the text with
pressing say the left arrow key it takes long time to get to that part
of the text you want.


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