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Re: Compaq Armada 110 with 2.2r5 ?

Juergen Descher@lists.debian-laptop@Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:49:29 +0100:
>  - Do you expect problems with this laptop and debian?
>    Or - has anybody of you (good) experience with this laptop?
There are some sites about success stories with Linux laptops, maybe you
should take a look at some of them. Just make sure you know someone
(running Windows) who will buy the thing from you if it really doesn't

>  - Is it better to take woody than 2.2r5 for this laptop?
I think that's a good idea to take Woody.. The only Potato machine I
still have here is my server, all the others run Woody already.

Most important thing you should do is check out what VGA chip the laptop
uses and see if XFree86 supports it.

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