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Re: 2.4.17 kernel & pcmcia problem

Pann McCuaig wrote:

On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 23:13, Tom Allison wrote:

Has anyone else noticed that the kernel-source for 2.4.17 and the pcmcia-source for 3.1.31 are not playing well with each other?

I have found that the 2.4.17 orinoco driver (driver/net/wireless/) is version 08a and the pcmcia 3.1.31 orinoco driver is at version 08 (from /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs...).

I had a similar problem. I turned off all PCMCIA support in the kernel.
I don't know why it's there in the first place (seems to be new with

These little snippets are from my woody partition (I'm typing this on my
potato partition).

Yeah, but it's been working for months and it seems to me that the pcmcia drivers are going into the kernel rather than coming out.

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