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Re: 2.4.17 kernel & pcmcia problem

> I just checked to refresh my memory on the problem that you are 
> discussing.  If you are using the 2.4 kernel drivers, then you do not need 
> to install (or even build) a pcmcia-modules-2.4.18 package.  This is the 
> package that had the conflicts with the kernel-image package.  Since you 
> do not need to install it, you should not encounter this problem again.
> The contents of the pcmcia-cs package should not have conflicted with 
> anything.  Therefore, this is not a problem with pcmcia-cs.
When the names of modules that are used by some -cards- changed between
2.2 and 2.4, and (gasp) if they're different between David Hind's external
modules or Linus' internal ones, then yes, it certainly -is- going to bother
pcmcia-cs.  The config file will announce incorrect mappings.  
	Beep, bonk. :(

My most personal experience with this was awhile ago, when there was some
question about whether the ATAPI card module was named ide-cs or ide_cs.
Of course I'm one of few people who uses pcmcia or cardbus ATAPI rather
than just using USB for that stuff.  But it's the best behaved cdrw I've
got access to (with the exception of cd-bizcards, they're misbalanced) so
it's important to *me* anyway...

Not that I'm afraid of a little text editing but it needs to be made AWARE
and do the right thing without hand hackery, so folks' laptops will "just
work" when they change Debian kernel kits or even (per common wisdom) build
their own.  Even if it's just a debconf saying, which of 3 config layouts
should I use?

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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