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Re: ACPI under WindowMaker

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 02:15:32PM -0500, Ignasi Palou-Rivera wrote:
> I have APM and use wmapm. It partially works: it detects whether I'm

	wmapm works quite well for me as well...though my bios lies about
the total remaining runtime.

> > Also, I'm soliciting any recommendations for good WM applets to use. I
> > grabbed them all and played around with them. I'm definitely looking for
> > both AIM and ICQ clones that will integrate nicely with WindowMaker...
> I don't use AIM or ICQ, so I can't hlp you there. The applets I have
> normally running are:
> wmapm: APM control and display
> wmCalClock: calendar and clock
> wmppp: ppp control and siplay
> wmifs: netwrok activity display
> wmbiff: fancy biff applet
> wmix: sound control
> wmxmms: XMMS launcher

	wmwave: an 802.11b wireless link, level, and noise meter
	wmnet: a rapidly-scrolling network monitor
	wmmon: for cpu monitoring (will also do disk and memory)
	fishmon: a clock
	wmix: sound control
	speyes: fluff

> I'm also looking for a good applet to check on system activity,
> memory, etc


                                            Audin Malmin - audin@okb-1.org

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