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Re: X dies after inactivity on Inspiron 4100

> I have a problem with X 4.1 on my inspiron 4100. I use the vesa driver.
> After about 15 minutes of inactivity the X server dies:
>   Fatal server error:
>   Caught signal 11.  Server aborting
> This happens even if I switch off apm kernel support and disable power
> management from the BIOS. Otherwise, suspend (apm -s) works fine, even from
> within X.
> I run Debian testing, kernel 2.4.16 (but older kernels had the same
> problem). Details about my setup are on http://pic.its.tudelft.nl/inspiron/
> Does anyone know what is responsible for killing the X server?

Signal 11 is "segfault".  There's a signal 11 HOWTO.

I'm not sure if being nailed by an out-of-memory killer would look like this,
but that is also worth looking into.  If something else is leaking it may 
merely be that it takes 15 minutes to leak that badly.

To narrow it down to X (or not) I'd just run plain ol boring "X" - get the
stipple screen and our little mouse cursor - waggle it around a bit so I know
it works, then go get a soda and see if it dies in 15 minutes.

If not, check your window manager, desktop toys, or other "first clients"
from xinitrc for config bugs.  Note that whatever runs last is the session
manager, so if it dies, X bails.  Though that would normally have resulted
in either a graceful shutdown or "broken pipe" (which is merely FYI).

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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