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Re: battery and X problems

> Hi Mark,
> I am not sure about your problem, but I can help with the battery
> monitor. do you use APM ? there is apm daemon that will monitor the
> battery and will allow you to go in stand by and others. if you have
> apm them there is many smaller applets that would help to monitor the
> battery. do a search on freshmeat for apm. I myself use gkrellm which
> has among many other things a battery monitor, I highly recommend it.

It depends.
My battery, after 1 and a half year, is so much down, it reloads only up
to "60%" which surely means, it doesn't get the voltage up to what BIOS
thinks "100%" is.
And it does shutdown my computer as well. Without warning, running out of
juice at about 15% - 25%. It happens under heavy load, I have the feeling.
So. It depends. kapmd, gkrellm doesn't help here.

To Marks problem:
is it the font-server?
maybe a lock file?
try removing /tmp/* ?

there was another thing, but I don't remember.

my 2 cent.
cheers, tobias.

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