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Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

you may have had a reply to this already, but I've had exactly the same
problem, thought Dell were supposed to be Linux friendly, doesn't seem very
friendly to me. Anyway I used the rescue.bin and root.bin images from the
idepci directory on my linux installation cd's, following the advise from
this excellent email facility, and that loaded the base system ok, much
relief, I thought I was going to have to use Red Hat. md are the RAID
drivers apparently. The read me in the above directory advises you to
install the "full kernel image package" once you've installed this one.Just
installling know, will finish this email if it's a success. Am installing
the base system from floppies and it seems to be working ok, will get back
to you if there are any problems.
Cheers Ian
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Subject: Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

I have a 2500 and I have been running Mandrake because Debian (and several
other distros I've tried) lock up on boot up at md (whatever that is). I'd
love to know what that is and how to make it go away.

About the only advice I can give is for me, with the i815, the best I can
do in X is 15 bit color. 16 bit just locks up.

(wondering who md is and why it hates her laptop)

At 06:27 AM 2/2/2002, Preben Randhol wrote:
>Joseph Fannin <jhf@rivenstone.net> wrote on 02/02/2002 (12:22) :
> >
> > > btw, I did find one thing that you can do with APM.  If the apm.o
> module is
> > > loaded, shutdown actually halts the system.  If it isn't, shutdown
> > > you at a "Power Off" prompt :-)
> >
> >     (Whoops, I forgot to CC my last reply to the list.)
> >
> >     Powering the machine off is all that ACPI seems to be good for ATM
> > as well, but I have some hope that the battery monitoring functions
> > could be fixed soon (at least, it seems close enough to working and I
> > have enough information to complain about it and hope someone who
> > knows what they are doing will try to fix it.) The battery socket gets
> > detected as long as there is no battery inserted at boottime; if a
> > battery is inserted after that, ACPI reports errors when trying to
> > query the battery status.
> >
> >     I would be happy if anyone (with or without an i2500) wants to try
> > to help figuring out what is wrong with ACPI.  ;-)
>Could be fun, but I know little about ACPI or kernel programming in
>general. But please tell how one can see the bug-reports reported by
>Preben Randhol         «For me, Ada95 puts back the joy in programming.»
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