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Re: Need advice installing Debian on Inspiron 2500

Joseph Fannin <jhf@rivenstone.net> wrote on 02/02/2002 (12:22) :
> > btw, I did find one thing that you can do with APM.  If the apm.o module is
> > loaded, shutdown actually halts the system.  If it isn't, shutdown leaves
> > you at a "Power Off" prompt :-)
>     (Whoops, I forgot to CC my last reply to the list.)
>     Powering the machine off is all that ACPI seems to be good for ATM
> as well, but I have some hope that the battery monitoring functions
> could be fixed soon (at least, it seems close enough to working and I
> have enough information to complain about it and hope someone who
> knows what they are doing will try to fix it.) The battery socket gets
> detected as long as there is no battery inserted at boottime; if a
> battery is inserted after that, ACPI reports errors when trying to
> query the battery status.
>     I would be happy if anyone (with or without an i2500) wants to try
> to help figuring out what is wrong with ACPI.  ;-)

Could be fun, but I know little about ACPI or kernel programming in
general. But please tell how one can see the bug-reports reported by

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