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Re: Turn up keyrate speed on Inspiron 2500?

From: "Preben Randhol" <randhol@pvv.org>
> I have turned the keyrate to max and the keydelay to minimum on my
> laptop, but still it is slow compared to my office machine (a desktop).
> Is it the hardware that is the limitation?

It can't be, as I can get things going pretty fast in windows.  What are you
using for the mouse?  A lot of people suggest gpm for the touchpad, but I
never could get it working decently and found it very slow when it wasn't
sending all sorts of spurious signals.  The mouse goes as fast as I need,
when defined as a PS/2 mouse (and in KDE, pointer acceleration is set at
only 2X - of a possible 20X), but the keyboard is noticeably slow still, and
KDE only permits keyboard repeat to be on or off.


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