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about Xe3

First: I am a novice,and I don't know about linux a lot so, please, try to
understand my stupidity.

I heard last times that a lot of people wrote about Xe3.

I have this laptop too (although now is at assistance) and I want to know
if somebody know how to configure the chipset i830m in the XF86config.

It's possible with the new 4.2? Or I have to start in Framebuffer?
If "yes", I have to install the new Xf86, I tried this with the 4.1 version
and this required GLibc 2.2, where can I found this? (Sorry, I'm very awkward)

Another thing: with the bios GF.M1.01 the key 's' doesn't function at the
start, with the new bios 1.04 it works correctly?



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